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Barbed wire and barbed tape: what are the differences?

Barbed wire - structurally, it is a twisted steel wire with spikes, which are screwed to the base by tightly fixing between the turns, so that the spikes do not slip, remaining in place. Barbed wire is used to construct temporary and permanent fences for livestock and protect the territory from external penetration.

Razor tape - made from sheet metal with a thickness of 0.45 to 0.7 mm using special equipment by stamping. At the same time, lena itself in its pure form has low efficiency (restraining potential).

The combination of wire and razor tape results in a completely new fencing - reinforced razor tape, which has a high deterrent potential and a durable design. In this case, the razor tape is compressed around the steel base, thereby preventing the possibility of removing the cutting layer.

How can you determine the quality of Egoza barbed wire?

The choice of barbed wire imposes a certain responsibility on the buyer, primarily in the matter of information awareness about its quality. To understand what we are talking about, let’s first define the main criteria for choosing wire:

  • appearance of the product (aesthetic properties of barbed wire);
  • service life;
  • reliability, effectiveness as a barrier.

Naturally, the most optimal choice would be the Egoza barbed-cutting spiral, since its form factor guarantees high efficiency, but when choosing within this segment, you should also consider:

  • raw materials used for the manufacture of ACL;
  • thickness of the steel base;
  • diameter of one turn;
  • method of making tape.

It is also important to determine the reliability of fixing the tape on a reinforced base. This is evidenced by the number and type of staples on one turn. Choose Egoza razor wire carefully!