Equipment for the Production of Egoza

Equipment for the production of Egoza

Despite the external structural simplicity of reinforced razor tape, the process of its manufacture can hardly be called simple. Equipment for the production of Egoza is an impressive line, consisting of several elements connected together. Let's look at each production line separately.

Stamping line

It is difficult to imagine the production of Egoza without such an important stage as stamping. It is at this stage that the prepared steel tape is first unwound and then turned into razor tape. Passing through special stamps, the steel sheet acquires a distinct C-shaped pattern, which, upon completion of the technological operation, is formed into separate strips of razor tape.

Profiling line

At this stage, you will need equipment for the production of Egoza, capable of efficiently performing the functions of unwinding wire and tape. After both components of the future Egoza protective fence are unwound, they go through the spiral profiling stage. In fact, after passing through this line, we receive a finished product; all that remains is to form coils of wire of a certain length and pack the finished product.

Cutting and packaging line

At this stage, the wire is cut into coils by hand and packaged in kraft paper.

Equipment for the production of Egoza should be selected based on the power consumption of electricity multiplied by the production efficiency. Modern equipment with fairly moderate power consumption is capable of showing high productivity in the manufacture of ACLs.