Technical Means of Perimeter Security

Technical means of perimeter security

Perimeter security is a key element of security for any facility. To implement the task of forming effective perimeter security, technical means of perimeter security are used, which can be divided into: engineering and technical structures, as well as technical means of protection. When organizing perimeter security, it is necessary to understand that a well-trained intruder is able to overcome almost any engineering structure, spending a certain amount of time on penetration. That is, the main task in forming perimeter defense is to create the most complex engineering structures, which will take more time to overcome. Thus, the chances of detecting an intruder before he enters the territory increase significantly.

When choosing technical means of perimeter security, you need to consider the following points:

  • they must have a high degree of detection, which will clearly record attempts to penetrate the facility;
  • protection means should not depend on external or any other factors, including climatic influences;
  • perimeter protection means must be capable of hidden installation, so-called security system sensors;
  • the cost of the security system should be reasonable.

The most common technical means of perimeter security include: fences made in such a way that it would be difficult for a criminal to overcome them; spiral barriers made of wire, reinforced with razor tape; subtle wire obstacles; security sensors; signaling a perimeter violation.