Areas of Application of Barbed Wire

Areas of application of barbed wire

Before you buy barbed wire, you need to figure out what it will be used for and where it will be installed. In this article we will look at the main areas of application of barbed wire.

The use of barbed wire in the army and the penal system

A fence made of barbed wire, spirals of ACL, tightly placed around the perimeter of a regular fence - this is what the use of barbed wire in sensitive facilities looks like. In prisons and other correctional institutions, barbed wire is the most important deterrent force that guarantees order on the territory of the facility. Army units, garrisons, and detachments participating in peacekeeping operations necessarily use spiral barriers to create effective defensive positions.

Wire in manufacturing and aviation

The use of barbed wire at enterprises, plants, and factories is necessary to create a complete security system. Thus, an object to be protected from criminal attacks is completely surrounded by a high fence topped with spiral barriers made of ACL. The very presence of barbed wire on the fence is a reason to change the intentions of potential criminals.

For the same reason, all airports in the world buy barbed wire. Considering the fact that the airport is a facility with a high level of security, its protection must completely exclude the possibility of unauthorized persons entering the territory. To achieve the maximum level of protection, both spiral fences and fences made entirely of barbed wire are used. Buying barbed wire means taking an important step towards safety.

Protection of private territories with barbed wire

A private area may look aggressive if the fence surrounding it is reinforced with barbed wire, but this, in turn, will have a psychological effect on intruders, warning them of the level of security training.

In some cases, to enhance the security qualities of barbed wire barriers, high voltage is supplied to them.

Special uses of barbed wire

A special use of barbed wire includes the protection of ships from pirate attacks. The effective use of protective barriers made of ASCL became possible thanks to the invention of Yu.V. Tkachenko, who proposed a convenient mechanism for folding/unfolding the fence.

Now you know that purchasing barbed wire can radically affect the security of any facility.