Properties of Barbed Wire

Properties of barbed wire

Speaking about the quality and efficiency of barbed wire, first of all, it is worth noting the fact that it must meet the requirements of GOST and Technical Specifications. A product is only allowed for sale in the country if it has passed Gosstandartmetrology tests. Unfortunately, not all manufacturers adhere to the established standards, which leads to the spread of low-quality barbed wire. So, how to determine the quality of Egoza and Concertina wire

The determining criterion for quality should be compliance with established standards - GOST and TU. You should ask the seller about this. Also important criteria for assessing the quality of ACL include resistance to deformation, level of elasticity and the presence of galvanized coating. Before buying barbed wire, it is important to check the level of its elasticity, which prevents the wire base from creasing under mechanical stress. The most resistant barbed wire can be considered to be one in which the core is made of high-carbon steel coated with zinc. The production of such wire is regulated by GOST 9389, GOST 7372-79 and GOST 9850-72.

Elastic wire is, first of all, thick wire. This statement is true, because the diameter of the steel base fundamentally affects the rigidity of the product. Today, ACL with reinforcement diameters from 2.5 to 2.8 mm is common. However, to maintain proper rigidity of spirals with a diameter of more than 1.5 meters, it will be necessary to use reinforcement with a cross-section of at least four millimeters. The number of staples connecting the turns of the spiral also affects the rigidity. The number of staples directly affects the rigidity and durability of the barrier.

The combination of all these technical features allows manufacturers to select several types of barbed wire with different warranty periods. Galvanized barb has a minimum warranty period of 15 years. After it there is a high-carbon wire with a stainless tape and an indicator of 30 years. And finally, alloy steel wire has the most impressive warranty period.