The Caiman Production Group Celebrates its 25th Anniversary

The Caiman production group celebrates its 25th anniversary

This year, the leading manufacturer of barbed wire Egoza is celebrating its anniversary - the Caiman Production Group turned 25 years old. 25 years in the barbed wire market is a long time, and over the years the Cayman Production Group has achieved a lot. From a small company it has turned into a large enterprise with its own full-cycle production, transport, installation teams - in a word, everything that is necessary to carry out any work to ensure engineering protection of the perimeter of any objects. And now the clients of the Cayman Production Group are the Ministry of Defense, the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the State Border Service of Ukraine, as well as many large and not very industrial enterprises, commercial structures and even individuals who need to protect their property or business from attacks by intruders.

The Cayman production group offers its clients all services for providing engineering protection of facilities - from the design and manufacture of future barriers, to their delivery and turnkey installation on site. All the necessary equipment and materials required for high-quality installation of barbed wire are available, but the most important thing is a team of professionals who are capable of solving any security problems. Clients of the Cayman Production Group can choose any of more than 120 types of barbed wire fences offered for sale - such an assortment of barbed wire and fences simply does not exist from other manufacturers. Barbed wire and barbed fences of the Cayman Production Group are sold under well-known brands - Egoza, Cayman, Egoza-Super, Concertina, Gyurza, Piranha, Cobra, Alligator. All products are certified and comply with Ukrainian and international standards.